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Canasta: Data structures

Through use of the Page Exchange (PX) extension, you can easily import "packages" of pages into your wiki that together define a data structure; these packages often additionally require the Page Forms, Cargo and/or Semantic MediaWiki extensions.

Anyone can define a Page Exchange package by creating the necessary files and putting them online. However, Canasta itself defines two PX packages (with more to come later), one of which defines a data structure, the other which defines a set of useful Widgets. These packages are hopefully useful both for the structure they provide, and as an introdution to the modular, lightweight approach to data structures that Canasta enables.

You can try out Page Exchange by addinng the following line to LocalSettings.php:

wfLoadExtension( 'PageExchange' );

...and then adding one or both of the following lines:

$wgPageExchangePackageFiles[] = '';
$wgPageExchangePackageFiles[] = '';

Note that Page Exchange lets you, in addition to importing packages, also update and delete them; so importing a PX package in order to test out the functionality is a fairly low-risk proposition.