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Canasta: About

Canasta is an open-source project released under the MIT License. All Canasta-specific code is available at and

Canasta was initially created by Yaron Koren, Ike Hecht, Jeffrey Wang and Bryan Hilderbrand, representing the consulting companies WikiWorks and WikiTeq and the hosting company MyWikis. Yaron currently serves as the project's Benevolent Dictator. As usage of Canasta increases, we hope to move to a more formal governance structure.

About the name: canasta is a card game, but the word "canasta" also means "basket" in Spanish. That is what Canasta represents: a basket of helpful software that together provides a powerful, customizable and easy-to-use knowledge management system.

The mailing list for Canasta is a Google Group, which can be found at Discussions about its usage and development should generally go there. Bug reports can also be sent to the mailing list, or they can be submitted at either or, depending on the exact issue.